I can’t even believe it, the Cubs won the World Series and I could not be happier. The entirety of campus seemed to be at war this week, with most of the students being from either Cleveland or Chicago. But I saw zero Indians shirts today, my 8:30 class was pretty much empty, and half the campus was either miserable or ecstatic.

 I came back to my dorm from practice last night and watched from the 6th inning to the very end, and me and one of my roommates were pretty much screaming and filled with anxiety the entire time (My other roommate was rooting for the Indians, lol). But we made it through and I already ordered my World Series Champions gear this morning.

 As for the rest of this week, I’m going home for the first time since the middle of August this weekend, and I seriously just can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. College really takes its toll and it’s good to have your mom take care of you for a couple days. But there’s less than three weeks till Thanksgiving break, and I am so excited to get in the holiday spirit!

 Let me know in the comments how your week has been!

 Xoxo, Kate B

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