Happy Saturday! This week has been a breeze, and it’s pretty surprising. My professors have gone pretty easy on us since we’ve gotten back from Thanksgiving break. Seriously, this has been the best semester of college so far, and I really hope the next one is just as good.


This week I wanted to share with you my favorite fall dress ever! Since November has come to an end, I figured it’s time to break out the sweaters and scarves, but not until I show you the best fall dress I’ve ever owned.


It’s from Charlotte Russe, and I got it last year around this time. I don’t think it’s in stores anymore, which is super sad, but I’ll try to link a similar one down low for you! My boots are from Naturalizer, and my purse is from Fossil, and they match perfectly! I’m also wearing boot socks that match the dress, but my camera died so I couldn’t get any more shots of the outfit (don’t worry, I’ll link them below).



Next week I have 5 days of gift guides for all of you who might be having trouble getting gifts for your family or besties. So be on the lookout for that starting on Monday!


Do you have a favorite fall outfit or dress? Let me know in the comments!


Xoxo, Kate B


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