Hi everyone! Welcome to my week of gift guides! This week I have 5 different gift guides for 5 different types of people. If you’ve been struggling with buying gifts, this is definitely the place to be this week.


Day one is for the athletes. I have tons of athletes in my family and friend group, so if you’re like me, this will be perfect.



Gift number one is a Nike backpack. This is perfect for someone to carry their clothes, water bottles, and any other sports-related items in. It would also be perfect for a student-athlete, because then they could use it for books too!


Next is a cool towel. Literally everyone at cheer camp has these, and they are the greatest invention. You just get it wet, snap it, and it stays cool for a really long time! Our boys use them religiously in the summer and they are seriously awesome.


A muscle roller is the perfect idea for a hardcore athlete. I have one, and it is great after a really hard practice. I know a lot of people who use them on their legs after a run too! It really does help with soreness, I promise.


An obvious gift for an athlete is a FitBit. Need I say more?


Last is a Swell water bottle. My roommate has one and she absolutely loves it. It really does keep your water cold almost all day, so it’s perfect for practice or a trip to the gym!


I hope you all liked day one of my gift guides! Come back tomorrow for another, and let me know in the comments any other gift ideas for an athlete.


Xoxo, Kate B

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