Hi everyone, I have another gift guide for you today, and this one is for the guys! A bunch of these gifts are from shops on Etsy, and they all have really great reviews, so no worries!



Gift number one is a watch. This one is so different and unique from others. Instead of a typical Michael Kors luxury watch, get your husband, boyfriend, dad, or brother this one instead! It’s super rustic, but really stylish.


Next is a scarf! My boyfriend has one that is just like it, and it is so soft. There are a lot of men who think that a scarf is girly, but I promise that it’s not! This one looks so good, and there are plenty of ways to style it.


A personalized wallet is by far my favorite gift on this guide. Almost all of the men I know have wallets that are falling apart, and they all look the same! If you get a personalized wallet, they can never get there’s mixed up with anyone else’s, and they can get rid of the torn up one they have now!


For our 3rd anniversary, I bought my boyfriend a personalized dog tag with our anniversary date on it, and he absolutely loved it! It could definitely be used for a Christmas gift, with any date you want on it.


If you ask me, a customized beer glass is such a dad gift. My dad collects these from different baseball parks, and one of these would for sure make his day!


Last are some Timberland boots. These are limited edition at Journey’s currently, and the color is absolutely awesome. My boyfriend saw them in the store and he absolutely fell in love with them, and so did I. They are a perfect winter essential to a guy’s wardrobe.


Write in the comments below what gifts you’ve gotten for the men in your life!


Xoxo, Kate B

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