Oh, stocking stuffers, they really are one of my favorite things about Christmas. For my final gift guide of the holidays, I thought this would be the perfect idea. And all under $30? That’s actually incredible.

Shirt / Palette / Socks / Notebook / Coloring Book / Markers / Brushes

 This shirt is so adorable and Christmas-y! A lot of people don’t usually ask for Christmas-themed gifts, they gear more toward things that they need. So here is a gift that they can sleep in and feel festive in at the same time!

 Earlier in the week, I used the full Tartelette in Bloom palette for a gift, but the Tease palette is cheaper and smaller, so it’s perfect for a stocking stuffer!

 Old Navy really killed it with their socks this year. Amazing prices and they’re adorable all at the same time. Plus, who doesn’t want socks?

 Yes, Kate Spade! A pocket notebook is a perfect gift, everyone has notes to write down. And with initials? Adorable.

 Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and putting it together with some fine-tipped pens would be the perfect stocking stuffer. (By the way, combined these two are over $30, but I’m sure you can find some cheaper ones elsewhere.)

 Lastly are oval brushes. If you need a gift for a makeup lover, this is the stocking stuffer for you! I honestly could not believe that this entire set was under $30, but Amazon rocks, obviously!

  If you have any more stocking stuffer ideas, write them in the comments below!

Xoxo, Kate B

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