It is so good to be home for Christmas break! I won’t be home for the actual holiday, so I figured I should get all my Christmas-y posts in quickly! Our football team is playing in the St. Petersburg Bowl on December 26th, so I’ll be down there cheering them on *squeals*.

My mom really does a great job decorating our home for the holidays, and today I want to show you my favorite parts, and maybe give you some ideas to decorate your home as well!


We have two Christmas trees on the main floor of our house, and this one is part of what we call the “Santa Tree.” It’s filled with only Santa ornaments, and this is one of my favorites. My mom collects Santa figurines as well; our house is absolutely filled with them. It’s one of my favorite traditions.


What’s Christmas without pinecone garland? This one can be lit, but the picture looked so cute without it. The sunlight brought out the red berries a little more. This is on top of our fireplace!



This is a brand new decoration that my mom got from Pier 1. There were tons and tons of different balls to choose from, and I think she picked out the best ones. They all go so well together!



This is one of the things that my dad does, and it is my absolute favorite. These houses are on top of our kitchen cabinets, and when it’s early morning and still dark out, it is so pretty to look at.

Being home is one of my favorite things in the world. I love sleeping in, but I also love getting up early and making coffee with my dad. I’ve missed being in my bed, and having the entire family back together. It has been so much fun!

I hope your December is going well and you are enjoying time with your family!

Xoxo, Kate B

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