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Yay, it’s officially winter! It doesn’t really seem like it here, considering the lack of snow, but that’s Ohio for you. Lately I’ve been snuggling up on the couch at home, enjoying my time off from school. What have you been doing with your holiday so far?

One of the things I’m really into recently is this low ponytail. It seriously takes me 30 seconds to do and it looks cute too! I just pull it back and then pull a couple of shorter front pieces out, and bam, it’s perfect. It’s my go-to hairstyle and it hasn’t failed me yet.

The biggest thing I wanted to show you today is this beautiful Kate Spade purse (linked below). I got this last Christmas, and I’ve used it almost every single day since. It’s the perfect size for me, and it is small enough that I won’t carry anything I don’t need. If you’re someone who carries a lot of things in their purse, this one might not be for you.



img_6900Sweater / Scarf (Similar) / Pants / Purse / Shoes

I originally had this outfit paired with some black booties, but I wanted the look to be a little more relaxed to go with my ponytail, so I put on my white Converse instead. These are my go-to shoes at the moment. No matter how many people tell me these are a spring and summer shoe, I will never listen to them and continue wearing them whenever I want.

Seriously though, this maroon color is my absolute fave this time of year! I was so excited to put this outfit together to show you guys. If you could see my closet, it’s absolutely full of this color. I’m seriously in love.

Tonight I am celebrating Christmas with my mom, dad, and sister. We are opening our presents and watching one more Christmas movie before we fly out to St. Petersburg tomorrow afternoon! If you’re new here, I am a cheerleader at Miami University, and our football team is going to St. Pete’s for the bowl game. I’m going down there to cheer them on the day after Christmas! Wish us Redhawks tons of luck (please)! And don’t worry, I’ll be sharing my trip with you all. (:

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday!

Xoxo, Kate B

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