Hi y’all! Today I am super excited to show you one of my favorite outfits in the entire world. My boyfriend’s mom got me the dress and scarf for Christmas, and I am so grateful for it! This outfit is perfect for a warmer winter day, and I wish I could wear it all the time.

Last week I shared my recent favorites with you, and it included this scarf and bag in it. I found this purse on the Kate Spade surprise sale around Black Friday time, and I could not be more happy I did. It is sleek and beautiful, and I wish it went with everything I own. I might just have to make it, haha. If you don’t have a tote like this, I for sure recommend getting one! It is so practical, and perfect size if you need something a little bigger than a standard bag. Sadly, it is no longer on the Kate Spade website, so I linked a similar black one for you!

The scarf is from American Eagle, and it is honestly a perfect winter-to-spring scarf. The light colors make it spring-ready, but the weight is perfect for a winter day. It is super long, so there are tons of different styles I can wear it, but my favorite is the way I put it today!

Recently I’ve been trying to find my specific style, but I’m just not to sure how to do it. I really like the bohemian style, but I’m also really into more classy, chic pieces. This outfit is one of those things that I’m in love with, but not really sure if it fits into either of those categories. Maybe I’m just more of an all-over-the-place type of person with clothes.

This week was my first back at Miami, and I am more than ready to work hard toward my future career. I am taking a retailing class, and I am so excited about it! Also, cheerleading practice has started back up, and there is always food ready when I need it. Being at home was wonderful, but I really am just over making my own food, haha.

Lately, my creative juices have been flowing more and more, and I am ready to take this blog to the next level sometime within the next couple months. If there is anything you all want to see, let me know in the comments below!

Xoxo, Kate B


Dress / Scarf / Boots / Socks / Bag (Similar) / Lipstick – Rimmel Kate Moss 05






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