Happy November! I wish I could say it felt like November, but it’s currently 80 degrees outside. With such beautiful weather going on, me and my friend Maddie decided to get outside and do a little fall DIY.

 First things first, you’ll need twine, burlap ribbon, a painter’s pen (or even just a thick sharpie), super glue, jars, scissors, and flowers. And although it’s not pictured here, we later discovered that we needed bobby pins.

 We peeled off the labels on the jars, and wrapped the burlap ribbon around it twice. We glued it to the jar and at the end, but since it wasn’t holding, we decided to use a bobby pin to reinforce it.


Then we drew the letters on each of the jars, and we decided to spell “FALL,” for obvious reasons.

 Maddie then arranged the flowers to perfection.


 At the end, we decided to tie ribbons and make cute bows for a little something extra. This project is seriously perfect for college girls on a budget. No joke, this DIY was around $10, not including the jars. It really has made our dorm room just a little more cozy and fun. But is it bad that immediately after we did this DIY, we went back up to our dorm room, put our Christmas window stickers up and cranked up the holiday music?

But for now it’s back to studying, homework, and watching Game 6 of the World Series. I may be from Ohio, but the Cubs are my one true MLB love. Who are you rooting for? (Try not to say the Indians.)

 Xoxo, Kate B