This past weekend, I went with our football team to cheer them on against Buffalo. While we were there, our coach took us to see Niagara Falls, which was only a half hour away! It was pretty cold, but beautiful anyway. We got to go on a bridge and take some pictures and just take in the sight. I went to Niagara when I was 12 on the Canadian side, so it was good to be back and see it again.


Sweater / Scarf (Similar) / Boots

I scheduled classes for next semester this week, which is so crazy! I’m excited to be taking some fashion classes, finally. I am beyond ready to get into the things I’ll need for my future. It’s been getting colder and colder on campus, and I’ve started wearing heavier coats to class. I’m not sure if I’m sad about it, or excited that Christmas is coming soon.

 On the bright side, Thanksgiving break starts next Tuesday, and I can’t wait to be home with my family. What are you most excited about during Thanksgiving?

 Xoxo, Kate B