Hi everyone! I’ve taken a small break from blogging since I’ve come back to school, but I’m back now! I think I’m going to be taking this blog in a different direction, but I haven’t exactly decided on what I want to do with it yet. So stay tuned for that!

Today I am sharing with you the makeup products I use every day. Scroll down to see what I’ve been using!



Okay, if you’re not into clumpy mascara, this is not for you. This is the Huge Extreme Lash Mascara by Stila. To be honest, I didn’t like it at first. But now, when I use it with my eyelash comb, it creates this incredible look of full, combed lashes and I love it!


This is possibly one of the best liquid eyeliners I’ve ever owned. It definitely trumps all the higher-end eyeliners I’ve used by a mile. I’ve been using it for 3 months now and there is still absolutely no sign of it drying out.


The concealer I use is Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer, in the shade “light”. It has great coverage and really works on red spots.

This is the best drugstore eyeshadow primer I’ve ever owned, hands down. Maybelline is my absolute favorite drugstore brand. This goes on shimmery, but even if you are using matte shades, you won’t be able to see the shimmer under it! I’ve also used this as a highlighter on my cheekbones a few times, and it’s awesome.


Pretty self explanatory, but the Rimmel Stay Matte powder seriously works wonders, and stays all day. I use this to help set my concealer.


Literally the most perfect palette if you only want to bring the minimum with you on a trip. It includes 5 eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, blush, contour, and a highlighter. Absolutely amazing. For everyday speaking, I use the blush and highlighter from this palette.


If you read this post, then you’ll remember this palette. I use the shade Flower Child on my lid, and Rebel in my crease for every day.

What’s your favorite everyday makeup product?

Xoxo, Kate B



Dear Freshman Me,

You just finished high school in possibly the smallest town in America. You’ve been getting things ready to move to college since December of your senior year, when you found out that you had been accepted to the school you fell in love with. There are so many things that are going to happen to you within the next two semesters, some expected, and some not.

You decided you wanted to major in Graphic Design, the thing you absolutely thought you wanted, since you loved the high school class and job shadowing your cousin. You will wonder if it is the right career path for you, whether you are creative enough, or if it’s something you can do for the rest of your life. You will constantly be second guessing your choice, and you were completely right for doing it. You will be taking many fine arts classes, and you will hate them, but assure yourself graphic design will be nothing like them. When you get the interview to ensure your spot into the official program, you will not make it in. You will get awful advice from “professionals.” Do not lose hope; you will find something you love more than anything and realize that it was what you were meant to do all this time.

This one is straightforward and easy. The statistics of college students staying with their high school sweethearts in college are rather low. You decide to ignore this fact completely. You were right to do so.

Your roommate is not crazy, I promise. She’s the most chill person ever and she will be the best roommate to fit your personality, and will become one of your best friends. Also, some friends you make will be your “people.” Make the memories, because one of the best ones won’t be around for your entire college experience. Keep her close and hug her extra.

Cheerleading was the best decision you ever made. You will realize quickly that these people are your best friends in the entire world, even if you haven’t even known them for a year. Your hard work is in the sport going to pay off. You will have to sit out for a month and a half because of a broken foot, because you tripped in your boyfriend’s dad’s damn driveway. It will suck, and it will be the beginning of the thing I’m going to tell you about next.

You are going to experience incredibly high anxiety, something you always thought you had a small amount of. Moving away from home, your comfort zone, will challenge you mentally in ways that you never knew possible. You will spend endless nights crying, worrying, with your heart racing for no reason whatsoever. You will find it incredibly hard to get up and go to class, because you know the way it will make you feel. Keep your family close. Keep your friends close. And keep your boyfriend close. These people are going to push you through the longest spring semester that you have ever experienced. Call your mom, call your sister, keep yourself busy. You will fall to this many times, but pick yourself back up, it will be worth it.

The most important of all: stay close to God. It will be hard to keep your faith with all of these things happening so quickly and unexpectedly. He will carry you through the worst of times, and He will not let you down.

This is going to be a year full of hardships, and incredible moments. It will be extremely freeing and you will realize that this college is exactly where you were meant to be.

Stay loving, and stay humble.

Xoxo, Kate B


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Hi everyone, happy Thursday once again! I hope your week has been going well. My first full week of the spring semester is over and I am very excited about all of the classes I’m taking. It’s enough to keep me pretty busy, but I don’t like to be sitting around all of the time anyway.

This week’s outfit is one of my faves. To be honest, I usually wear this with some gray leggings, but for the purpose of this post, I decided to go with some jeans so you could see it dressed up a little.

These boots are seriously my favorite ever, and since coming back to school, they have been my go-to shoes since it’s been so cold recently. As I’m writing this it’s 20 degrees outside! They are super warm and so cute. Both of my parents actually own a pair of these, and they’ve had them for a long time, so they are for sure coming back into style haha.

This bag might be one of my favorites, like ever. Everyone at Miami seems to carry a Longchamp bag. My mom got me this Calvin Klein one for my birthday from Marshall’s, so it was an amazing deal, around $30!

I hope your 2017 is going well so far!

Xoxo, Kate B


I was really excited about the cat footprints, clearly.



img_7205Plaid Top (Similar)  / Bag (Similar) / Boots



Hi y’all! Today I am super excited to show you one of my favorite outfits in the entire world. My boyfriend’s mom got me the dress and scarf for Christmas, and I am so grateful for it! This outfit is perfect for a warmer winter day, and I wish I could wear it all the time.

Last week I shared my recent favorites with you, and it included this scarf and bag in it. I found this purse on the Kate Spade surprise sale around Black Friday time, and I could not be more happy I did. It is sleek and beautiful, and I wish it went with everything I own. I might just have to make it, haha. If you don’t have a tote like this, I for sure recommend getting one! It is so practical, and perfect size if you need something a little bigger than a standard bag. Sadly, it is no longer on the Kate Spade website, so I linked a similar black one for you!

The scarf is from American Eagle, and it is honestly a perfect winter-to-spring scarf. The light colors make it spring-ready, but the weight is perfect for a winter day. It is super long, so there are tons of different styles I can wear it, but my favorite is the way I put it today!

Recently I’ve been trying to find my specific style, but I’m just not to sure how to do it. I really like the bohemian style, but I’m also really into more classy, chic pieces. This outfit is one of those things that I’m in love with, but not really sure if it fits into either of those categories. Maybe I’m just more of an all-over-the-place type of person with clothes.

This week was my first back at Miami, and I am more than ready to work hard toward my future career. I am taking a retailing class, and I am so excited about it! Also, cheerleading practice has started back up, and there is always food ready when I need it. Being at home was wonderful, but I really am just over making my own food, haha.

Lately, my creative juices have been flowing more and more, and I am ready to take this blog to the next level sometime within the next couple months. If there is anything you all want to see, let me know in the comments below!

Xoxo, Kate B


Dress / Scarf / Boots / Socks / Bag (Similar) / Lipstick – Rimmel Kate Moss 05







Since I’m getting ready to go back to school on Sunday, I thought I would show you all some of my faves from winter break! I got all of these things for Christmas and I am seriously so grateful for my parents for being so thoughtful.

img_7102Purse / Eyeshadow Palette / Scarf

As for the canvas, you can find these all over Etsy, but I found it WAY cheaper by getting the picture from the internet, and then using Easy Canvas Prints to print it myself. They usually have pretty good sales going on, so definitely go and check that out!




I have been eyeing this Tartlette In Bloom palette for sooooo long. If you can’t tell, I already tested it out before I took the pictures for this blog post; I seriously couldn’t wait and tried it immediately! Believe the hype, because it is so beautiful and well pigmented. If you’re looking for nudes with some sparkle, this is totally for you!


Kate Spade had that crazy sale going on around Thanksgiving time, and I could not be more thankful for my friend pointing it out to me. This purse is normally in the $200 range, but I got it for $75 during this sale. OMG.


I was all about the Gossip Girl this Christmas as well. I want to work in fashion someday, and this seriously will fit so well in my apartment next year. I am beyond excited to hang it up and make the rest of my room match!



Is this scarf not the most beautiful you’ve ever seen? It’s for sure the most beautiful I’ve ever owned! It is so soft and the fringe on the ends is so adorable. My boyfriend’s mom got it for me for Christmas, and it’s one of my fave gifts I received! If you can, get your hands on this and you won’t regret it.

How’s your January going?

Xoxo, Kate B



Hey there and happy Thursday! I still can’t believe that it’s January already. I also still feel like I missed Christmas this year, especially looking at the wreaths in the background of these photos! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite hat in the entire world. I got it at T.J. Maxx for $15, and I’m so in love.

It’s an off-white color, so lately I’ve been having trouble matching it to a lot of my clothing, because I usually go for bright whites. But when I came home for winter break, I found this sweater in my closet that matched it perfectly! If you ask me, this is the perfect “ski lodge” sweater.

I’m getting ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks, and I’m not entirely sure if I’m ready for that yet. I’m ready to study hard and get good grades again, but Spring semester is always much longer than Fall. I’m already ready for a summer adventure! It’s going to be hard to keep going in the cold weather for a while. I’m missing Florida a bunch today!





fullsizerender-9Cardigan (Similar)  / Tanktop / Boots / Hat (Similar)

I know I said it was hard to match, but I think it’s way more chic than a bright white bobble hat. If you can get your hands on a good one, more power to you!

What’s your favorite winter wardrobe piece?

Xoxo, Kate B



Hi everyone! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you; I know it is for me! Today I’m going to be sharing with you photos from my trip to St. Petersburg, Florida. For those of you who are new, I am a cheerleader at Miami University, and our football team went down to Florida to compete in the St. Petersburg Bowl! It was a really close game, and even though we didn’t have the outcome we wanted, we still showed everyone what we’re made of, and that was just as fun.

So we flew down on December 23rd, and we got there pretty late at night. We went grocery shopping and got ourselves settled in. Since it was dark when we arrived, we didn’t get to see our condo’s view until we woke up the next morning. Oh my goodness, it was definitely the best thing to wake up to, like ever. My dad and I sat out on our balcony and drank coffee, and it truly was the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

On Christmas Eve I had practice with my teammates, to make sure we were bowl game ready. But before that, my mom and I took a walk on the beach. I haven’t been to Florida since I was thirteen, so walking on the beach was like heaven.

Christmas Day was filled with events for the bowl game. I don’t have any pictures from that day, since I was running around all day, but even though it was busy, it was still super fun.

The 26th was the day of the bowl game, and it was awesome getting to be back on the field one more time for the season. Football season is by far my favorite! After the game, my family and I went to St. John’s Pass to shop and eat dinner, and get ice cream. If you are ever in the St. Pete area, definitely go here! We ate dinner at a place called The Hut, and I highly recommend it!

We sadly had to leave our condo the next morning at 6AM to catch our flight back home. It was a short trip, but it was just what I and my family needed! I am sad to have missed Christmas with my extended family, but this was for sure the next best thing.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Xoxo, Kate B